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homeowners insurance

The feeling of violation that comes when one realizes that his or her home has been invaded and burglarized is extraordinary. Things most cherished and long held within the family can be destroyed or stolen. That which once provided a sense of security, enjoyment, or tradition, is now gone forever. It is a traumatic experience for each and every member of a family to be sure, whether it is an accidental or purposeful act. What about the financial consequences of all this? How can one possibly replace that which has been taken or somehow damaged by an act of nature? It is at this point one can be reassured by homeowners insurance. Anxiety and desperation and stress disappear as one realizes that he or she is fully protected.

An owner of a home is blessed with peace of mind when he or she owns a home insurance policy. It provides coverage when faced with the consequences of an unexpected disaster or accident. Home insurance essentially exists for private residences. Also referred to as "Multline" insurance, one premium provides both property and liability coverage. The majority of basic policies cover a myriad of property types in the event of fire, theft and other disasters. Most policies also cover the actual physical structure of ones home and other structures on the property, such as a garage or a garden greenhouse for example. Coverage typically also extends to personal property. This might include furniture, appliances, clothing, etc. It is also not uncommon that policies provide coverage for expenses incurred when a houses utility is lost. For example, one can be covered in the event that he or she is forced to rent an apartment while any damage is being repaired to a home that is in the meantime deemed uninhabitable.

Nothing can fully alleviate the pain and stress in dealing with a fire or a burglary. Home insurance can at least give you some peace of mind in the event of such challenges. Insurance can help you to focus on recovering and getting back to normal.

Companies We Represent

At Edwin Pickett Insurance we work with multiple home insurers to find the coverage that's best for you and your home.  Below is a list of companies we represent:

  • American Integrity

  • American Modern

  • Cabrillo

  • Citizens

  • Cypress Property & Casualty

  • Federated National

  • Florida Peninsula 

  • Heritage

  • Homeowners Choice

  • Safe Point

  • Security First

  • Southern Fidelity

  • Southern Oak

  • St. Johns

  • Tower Hill

  • United Property Casualty & Property

  • Universal North American

Your home is a long term investment.  Many people spend their whole lives building their home and making memories there.  Let us help you ensure that it is protected properly.

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